Our Work

Visions for Haiti wants to help Haitian students by providing them with a foundation of education in order to build a brighter future for themselves, their families and their country.

Visions for Haiti has vetted and approved prospective students from small fishing villages, who would work in such desperately needed disciplines as AIDS education and prevention, cooperative farming, engineering, nursing and water treatment. The scholars already have shown promise by spearheading grassroots initiatives such as cleaning up a village leveled by the quake and establishing a garbage dump. Students are required to return to Haiti after completing their education and use what they’ve learned to benefit the community. “These are individuals who have demonstrated that they are both enterprising and committed to Haiti ” Kaye said. “They can bring about positive change.”

“To educate one person could potentially change an entire nation,” said Steven A. Johnson, MD. “And that’s what we needed to focus on. I’m glad to see that we have potential candidates who can get that education.”