Visions for Haiti’s mission is to make education the central thrust in rebuilding Haiti. After Haiti’s devastating earthquake of Jan 2010, the Delaware Medical Relief Team rushed to the island and worked to care for the injured and sick.  They learned the stories of the young Haitians who assisted them and saw skill, talent and keen minds, but little opportunity to pursue higher education because of the cost or because so many universities had been destroyed. Christiana Care nurse Susan Kaye and University of Delaware pre med student Danny Childs founded VFH as a way to help some of the translators who helped them.

“It is impossible to come home and forget the people  you have met in Haiti ” Kaye said. “We spent a great deal of time thinking about ways we could make a lasting difference and soon realized that the key to it all is education.”

VFH is a nonprofit group determined to find a lasting cure for Haiti’s crippled infrastructure by sending Haitians to college in the United States So that they can take the knowledge they gain home to their native land.